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GAA Injury Scheme 

If you have been injured while playing or during training then you are required to fill in the GAA Injury Claim form. PLEASE NOTE: You must fill in this form and have it send back in via email, fax or hand it directly to Amanda West within 60 DAYS to insure a successful claim.

To Download the GAA Injury Claim Form please right click and save each form below or Click here to Download

For more info contact your manager or a member of the Committee

Ladies Injury Fund

Step 1 requires you to fill in the Injury Prelim form, you have 8 weeks from the time of the injury to fill this in and have it sent into Central Council but we recommend youdo it asap. To download this form Click Here.

Step 2 Once you have received confirmation from Central Council that your prelim form has been received you then have to fill in the accident fund claim form, you have 6 months from the time of the accident to fill in this form and have it returned but we recommend you do it asap. To download this form Click here.

Important Facts you need to know

1. Players and mentors must be fully paid members of St Annes to Qualify for the Injury Scheme.

2. A claim form must be submmitted to Amanda West within 60 days of your injury or you will not be reimbursed for any costs. Claim forms can be downloaded above.

3. Physiotherapy is not covered under the rules of the scheme unless it is post operative and only then up to the amount of €320.

4. If you have medical insurance e;g VHI, Quinn Healthcare, a claim must be made with your medical provider. Otherwise unrecoverable medical expenses are covered up to the maximum of €4,500 (this benefit includes cover for MRI scans up to a limit of €300 per scan and post operative treatment up to a limit of €320. A maximum benefit of €40 per any one treatment applies). The first €100 of each and every claim is excluded.

5. If you are injured during a match please insure it is noted by the referee as a copy of the report must be submitted to willis along with your claim.

For medical / dental claims we require the following additional documentation:

  1. Medical receipts (Not invoices).
  2. If the claimant has other medical insurance such as VIVAS / VHI / BUPA / Garda Medical Aid - please forward a statement of account detailing his claim under it / them.

For loss of wages claims we require the following additional documentation:

  1. Three recent payslips dated prior to the date of injury (confirming the claimant's basic nett weekly pay)
  2. If self-employed, please provide a letter from his Accountant detailing the nett basic earnings for the three months prior to the injury
  3. If a substitute worker has been employed please forward a letter from the Accountant confirming the cost of the substitute worker

If you have any queries contact Amanda West on 087-9719890 





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