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League Table Adult Football League Division Seven

Na Gaeil Oga 119112181318719
Thomas Davis 108111841196517
Liffey Gaels 97112001148615
Scoil Ui Chonaill 106131661165013
Naomh Barrog 96121481163213
St James Gaels An Caislean 95221911325912
St Marys S 11524179177212
St Margarets 9513149141811
Ballinteer St Johns 9414161129329
St Annes 11416169205-369
St Kevin-Killians 10415141187-469
Garristown 9306130150-206
Cuala 10307130198-686
O Tooles 11209129203-744
Wild Geese 11119138219-813
Naomh Fionnbarra 111010137233-962

Adult Football League Division Seven
12:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 1-14vs0-10Garristown More
12:00St James Gaels An Caislean 1-17vs1-5O Tooles More
12:00Cuala 3-13vs2-11Naomh Fionnbarra More
12:00Garristown 1-16vs0-11St James Gaels An Caislean More
12:00Liffey Gaels 1-6vs1-6Naomh Barrog More
12:00O Tooles 1-3vs2-14Na Gaeil Oga More
12:00St Margarets 1-7vs1-8St Annes More
12:00St Marys S 0-7vs0-11Ballinteer St Johns More
12:00Thomas Davis 2-4vs0-9Scoil Ui Chonaill More
12:00Wild Geese 0-7vs1-12St Kevin-Killians More
11:00Ballinteer St Johns -vs-Liffey Gaels Off - DeathMore
11:00Na Gaeil Oga 1-10vs1-9St James Gaels An Caislean More
11:00Naomh Barrog 1-12vs2-7St Margarets More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 0-16vs0-7Cuala More
11:00St Annes 0-14vs0-4Wild Geese More
11:00St Kevin-Killians 1-10vs0-7O Tooles More
12:00Naomh Fionnbarra 2-8vs2-10St Marys S More
12:00Thomas Davis 2-13vs2-7Garristown More
11:00Naomh Barrog 1-8vs0-14St Marys S More
19:15Cuala 0-11vs4-11Thomas Davis More
19:15Garristown 2-13vs0-15Na Gaeil Oga More
19:15Liffey Gaels 5-15vs0-6Naomh Fionnbarra More
19:15O Tooles 4-16vs4-10St Annes More
19:15St James Gaels An Caislean 2-20vs2-10St Kevin-Killians More
19:15St Margarets 3-9vs0-15Ballinteer St Johns More
19:15St Marys S 1-13vs1-13Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:15Wild Geese 0-16vs2-13Naomh Barrog More
11:00Ballinteer St Johns 4-21vs2-7Wild Geese More
11:00Cuala 2-17vs0-6Garristown More
11:00Naomh Barrog 1-13vs0-6O Tooles More
11:00Naomh Fionnbarra 0-12vs3-12St Margarets More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-9vs1-10Liffey Gaels More
11:00St Annes 3-14vs1-20St James Gaels An Caislean More
11:00St Kevin-Killians 2-7vs5-20Na Gaeil Oga More
11:00Thomas Davis 0-15vs1-9St Marys S More
19:15Na Gaeil Oga 1-21vs0-11Wild Geese More
19:15Naomh Fionnbarra 1-6vs3-16Thomas Davis More
19:15St Annes 0-11vs2-11Liffey Gaels More
19:15St Kevin-Killians 3-10vs2-13St Margarets More
19:30Liffey Gaels 2-13vs1-11Thomas Davis More
19:30Na Gaeil Oga 4-17vs3-4St Annes More
19:30O Tooles 1-9vs0-14Ballinteer St Johns More
19:30St Marys S 2-17vs1-14Cuala More
19:30Wild Geese 3-16vs1-11Naomh Fionnbarra More
11:00Ballinteer St Johns 1-16vs2-13St James Gaels An Caislean More
11:00Cuala 2-9vs4-23Liffey Gaels More
11:00Naomh Barrog 0-14vs1-12Na Gaeil Oga More
11:00Naomh Fionnbarra 3-10vs1-8O Tooles More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-18vs1-10Wild Geese More
11:00St Annes 3-4vs1-18St Kevin-Killians More
11:00Thomas Davis 3-19vs2-12St Margarets More
19:30St Marys S 0-16vs2-9Garristown Agreed by Both Clubs More
19:30Garristown 2-14vs1-8St Annes More
19:30Liffey Gaels 3-15vs1-15St Marys S More
19:30Na Gaeil Oga 1-13vs0-12Ballinteer St Johns More
19:30O Tooles 0-12vs2-13Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:30St James Gaels An Caislean 2-14vs1-12Naomh Fionnbarra More
19:30St Kevin-Killians 2-8vs2-15Naomh Barrog More
19:30St Margarets 2-10vs1-12Cuala More
19:30Wild Geese 2-9vs2-13Thomas Davis More
11:00Ballinteer St Johns 2-20vs1-5St Kevin-Killians More
11:00Cuala -vs-Wild Geese Conceded by Wild GeeseMore
11:00Liffey Gaels 2-12vs0-14Garristown More
11:00Naomh Barrog 3-17vs1-10St Annes More
11:00Naomh Fionnbarra 1-6vs3-19Na Gaeil Oga More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill 1-11vs1-12St James Gaels An Caislean More
11:00St Marys S 0-12vs1-11St Margarets More
11:00Thomas Davis 1-19vs0-4O Tooles More
19:30Na Gaeil Oga 2-8vs2-7Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:30O Tooles 3-8vs2-9Cuala More
19:30St Annes 3-10vs1-12Ballinteer St Johns More
19:30St Kevin-Killians 1-13vs2-4Naomh Fionnbarra More
19:30Wild Geese 3-13vs3-13St Marys S More
10:30Cuala 0-5vs9-18St James Gaels An Caislean More
10:30Liffey Gaels 6-17vs2-6Wild Geese More
10:30Naomh Fionnbarra 1-9vs4-7St Annes More
10:30St Margarets 0-20vs2-8Garristown More
10:30St Marys S 3-14vs3-9O Tooles More
10:30Thomas Davis 1-6vs0-9Na Gaeil Oga More
11:15Ballinteer St Johns 0-16vs3-8Naomh Barrog More
19:30Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-17vs0-6St Kevin-Killians Agreed by Both Clubs More
19:15Garristown -vs-Ballinteer St Johns More
19:15Na Gaeil Oga -vs-Cuala More
19:15Naomh Barrog -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
19:15O Tooles -vs-Liffey Gaels More
19:15St Annes -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
19:15St James Gaels An Caislean -vs-St Marys S More
19:15St Kevin-Killians -vs-Thomas Davis More
19:15Wild Geese -vs-St Margarets More
11:00Cuala -vs-St Kevin-Killians More
11:00Liffey Gaels -vs-St James Gaels An Caislean More
11:00Naomh Fionnbarra -vs-Ballinteer St Johns More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Naomh Barrog More
11:00St Margarets -vs-O Tooles More
11:00St Marys S -vs-Na Gaeil Oga More
11:00Thomas Davis -vs-St Annes More
11:00Wild Geese -vs-Garristown More
19:00Ballinteer St Johns -vs-Cuala More
19:00Garristown -vs-Naomh Barrog More
19:00St James Gaels An Caislean -vs-Thomas Davis More
19:00St Margarets -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00Ballinteer St Johns -vs-Scoil Ui Chonaill More
11:00Garristown -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
11:00Na Gaeil Oga -vs-Liffey Gaels More
11:00Naomh Barrog -vs-Thomas Davis More
11:00O Tooles -vs-Wild Geese More
11:00St Annes -vs-Cuala More
11:00St James Gaels An Caislean -vs-St Margarets More
11:00St Kevin-Killians -vs-St Marys S More
11:00Cuala -vs-Naomh Barrog More
11:00Garristown -vs-O Tooles More
11:00Liffey Gaels -vs-St Kevin-Killians More
11:00Scoil Ui Chonaill -vs-Naomh Fionnbarra More
11:00St Margarets -vs-Na Gaeil Oga More
11:00St Marys S -vs-St Annes More
11:00Thomas Davis -vs-Ballinteer St Johns More
11:00Wild Geese -vs-St James Gaels An Caislean More
Garristown -vs-St Kevin-Killians More
St James Gaels An Caislean -vs-Naomh Barrog More
St Margarets -vs-Liffey Gaels More


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